Best Fishing Bait

Whether you’re fishing with a high tech fish finder or by you’re gut instincts, you need bait. Talk with any fisherman. They’ll give you their opinion of the best bait to use for fishing. It comes down to this, if you’ve had luck with a particular kind of bait, it’s going to be the best fishing bait.


Crawfish are ideal for fishing especially if you want smallmouth bass or large trout. Now you can’t find crawfish everywhere or crawdads as they call them in some places, but when you do find them use them. These little mudbugs are very effective in attracting fish.

Live minnows

I like using live bait when I can. Live minnows are probably one of the most popular live bait fish around. But unless you’re working on a boat, it’s a pain lugging the bait bucket.

Live worms

Worms that are live have gotten a bad rap from cartoons and TV. I think that’s because most people don’t know how to use worms properly as bait. Most people thread worms on hooks, but gang hooks show worms in their most natural, stretched out way. When the worms look natural, the fish don’t get as suspicious which leads to a higher catch number.

Synthetic bait

Synthetic Fishing BaitSome people won’t have anything to do with live bait. Don’t know if they are squeamish or just lazy. Some of the newer artificial bait is just amazing. And in some instances, the synthetic baits are coming darn close to live bait. Now artificial bait comes in every shape, form and baits you can think of, and some you probably haven’t thought about. Synthetic bait offers convenience and the ability to pick up and go fishing without having to stop by a bait shop.

When it comes down to choice, it’s really about fishing and not just talking. You can speak of bait, debate the merits of this type vs. this kind. But without fishing, you’ll never know. So try out various types of bait and get out there and fish.

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