About Us

Expert fishing guide and Tampa Fishing Charters, Capt. Greg McCullough was born on October 22, 1969 in Lakeland Florida and has lived in Lithia Florida his entire life. He was introduced to the joy of fishing by his grandparents at the very young age of 2 years old. His grandparents had fresh water ponds on their property stocked with bass, bluegill, and catfish. Many 100’s of hours were spent on those ponds reeling in fish and spending quality time with his family. They weren’t the Tampa Bay flats fishing species he is accustomed to catching now but at just a few years old they sure were fun to catch.

Then later in life, at the age of 16, he was introduced to flats fishing in Tampa Bay and became addicted immediately. Since high school, Greg has been scouring the flats in search of redfish, snook, trout, tarpon and many of the other prevalent game fish that Tampa Bay has to offer. In 2001, Greg turned his passion for fishing into his career and he has been fishing professionally as a Tampa Bay Fishing Guide and tournament angler every since.

To this day he still lives in Lithia FL (near Tampa Bay) and is married to his wife Christina and they have 3 children; Danielle, Baily, and Damion. He enjoys taking the family fishing with every chance he gets and boys are getting good enough at Tampa Bay flats fishing that they are even starting to teach him a thing or two.