April is finally here!

april 2014 main fishing report

April is here, one of the best months of the year, if not the best month of the year for inshore fishing.  The cold fronts come to an end and the water temperature gets right.

The Redfish bite overall has been good but on high water it has been extremely good.  We have been catching large numbers of Redfish  ranging anywhere from 20-34 inches.

The Snook bite is on fire and we are catching a large number of Snook.  The majority of them are ranging from 20-27 inches, but we are also catching a good number of them that range from 28 to over 40 inches.  Snook season is open however I strongly encourage my clients to do catch and release so we can continue to have the best Snook fishing that we have had in many many years.

The Mackerel bite is also on fire, clients love fishing for mackerel especially kids.  The mackerel fight very good and usually bite steadily, they are also very good table fare if you eat them within a couple of days.

The Trout are biting good in the 4-6 ft. depth range over the grass flats with fish ranging from 15-27 inches.  The larger trout are usually caught while fishing schools of redfish.

Warm weather is leading to hot bites!

The weather here has been warming up and that has really led to a hot bite as fish are venturing out of their wintery haunts and out onto the flats.

The redfish and trout have responded the best but the snook won’t be far behind. With the forecast calling for many days of 80+ degree weather. Expect the snook to fire up.